We don't just hire a staff of educators; we hire role models that your child can learn from. Our faculty at Boost Up Kids Academy is composed of background screened, trained and patient educators.

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Two Locations:
images743 South Wolfe Road
(Wolfe & Reed Shopping Center)
Sunnyvale, 94086
imagesPhone: 408-732-2205
imagesFax: 408-732-2206
images404 E. Evelyn Avenue
Sunnyvale, 94086
imagesPhone: 408-732-2200
imagesFax: 408-732-2201
imagesEmail: info@boostupkidsacademy.com

Enrichment Classes

Boost Up Kids Academy will soon be offering enrichment classes for all age groups (Pre K to Grade 8th) during the weekend.  We offer various developmentally appropriate enrichment classes like Dance, Piano, Art, Phonics, Maths, Science, Public Speaking, Language and homework help.  With close reference to California Content Standards for each grade level              
English Language Arts

  • Writing Strategies, Genres, Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling
  • Reading & Literature, Genres, Literary Response
  • Speaking
  • Listening

English as a Second Language

  • Beginning
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


  • Foundation – create solid base for Math concepts
  • Building on solid foundation
  • Logical thinking
  • Introduce Singapore Math to achieve California Content Standards

Social Studies

  • Elementary – Early concepts and various facets of society
  • Middle School – Ancient Civilizations, US History

Homework Help

  • Focused homework time
  • Improve understanding of schoolwork
  • Help improve grade

Creative Arts

  • Speech
    • Prepared speech to live audience, impromptu speech
    • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Debate
    • Informal and formal debate styles and skills
    • Taking a stand, supporting stand
    • Sharpen logical thinking
    • Build confidence and self-esteem


Exposure to acting, stagecraft, and production, coordinate movement with speech, remember lines, discover hidden talents, build confidence and self-esteem, focus on Shakespeare and have lots of FUN!

Music Class

This class provides a carefully balanced music program emphasizing musical growth, encouraging creativity, and teaching simple musical elements such as rhythm, tone, and beat.  A wide selection of songs, activities, and dance moves are used to introduce memory, rhyming, and sounds.  Children also explore music using an assortment of musical instruments.
Piano Class

This exciting piano program features one on one lesson in a child-centered format.  Children will develop musical literacy with sound performance skills to create happy and competent musicians.  They will learn the basic skills of reading music and the various ranges musical pieces can be played in.  By starting at a young age, students develop real mastery of the piano.

Art Class

This art-based class is dedicated to hands-on creative experiences and artistic expression.  The program exposes children to a variety of materials and mediums, allowing them to make connections to the world around them through visual references: color, shape, size, pattern, line, composition.  Children have the opportunity to explore while making meaning.

Dance Class/ballet Class

The fusion of art, music, exercise, and movement makes our dance program special.  Classes allow preschoolers to develop fine and gross motor skills while having fun physically.  Children learn songs, stories, and creative movements while practicing body control, safety, participation, and cooperation.  These classes will help children to appreciate a love for dancing at a young age.

Foreign Language Class

Our foreign language program provides an introduction to the sounds of other languages.  Through songs, stories, and educational activities, children learn vocabulary for colors, shapes, numbers, days, months, and simple phrases.  Daily exposure generates useful lifelong knowledge and skills, and encourages a respect for diversity.